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 A Stage Play by Ian Gower & Paul Carpenter

Blackadder Goes Forth offers a truly entertaining evening, full of near misses, cunning plans and hilarity.  

Set in 1917, in the trenches on the Western Front at Flanders during World War 1, the play follows Captain Edmund Blackadder, a professional soldier; together with Baldrick and George and their various attempts to escape and avoid death, under the misguided command of General Melchett.  

Since Blackadder made his first appearance on our screens, comedy has never been the same since (nor indeed has history).  Every word, every lie, every cunning plan and cock-up, from medieval nastiness, through Elizabethan and Regency glory, to the mud and sauteed rats of the World War 1; Blackadder and his oafish underling Baldrick can be most definitely blamed for ruining England's reputation as a country with a great history!

Dronfield Civic Hall

Wednesday  17th to Saturday 20th April
(Saturday matinee only)
7.30 pm Wednesday to Friday
2.30 pm Saturday

Tickets £12
Free Parking
Disabled access


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