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Click on linked titles to see a selection of photographs from the production 

April 2024              Blackadder Goes Forth

November 2023    Communicating Doors

May 2023               Murdered to Death

November 2022    A Vicar of Dibley Christmas

June 2022              Last Panto & Lockdown in Little Grimley

November 2019     Bedroom Farce

August 2019           Vicar of Dibley

March 2019            Sleep No More

November 2018     Last of the Duty Free

August 2018           Abigail's Party

March 2018            Night Must Fall

November 2017     It's Never Too Late

May 2017                Time of My Life

August 2016           The Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday Night 

April 2016               Secondary Cause of Death 

November 2015     Dead Reckoning

August 2015           David Copperfield

March 2015            Last of the Summer Wine

November 2014     Life and Beth

July 2014                Mansfield Park

April 2014               Accrington Pals

November 2013     I Ought to be in Pictures

August 2013           Carrie's War

November 2012     Father's Day

July 2012                Treasure Island

March 2012            An Evening with Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society

November 2011     Dick Barton - Special Agent

July 2011                 Anne of Green Gables

March 2011            Deadly Nightcap

November 2010    Haunted

June 2010               Canterbury Tales

April 2010               Snake in the Grass

November 2009    Celebration

July 2009                It Could Be Any One of Us

March 2009            Natural Causes

November 2008     The Ballad of Dolly and Clive

July 2008                Theft

April 2008              Deckchairs

December 2007     Little Women

July 2007                The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

March 2007            Talking Heads

November 2006     The Perfect Murder

July 2006                Hay Fever

March 2006            Humble Boy

November 2005     The Unexpected Guest

July 2005                 Jane Eyre

March 2005             Educating Rita

October 2004          Bedroom Farce

March 2004             Gym and Tonic

September 2003     The Weekend

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